by Kathy Sheeran

With Christmas parties in full swing I wanted to share this post  that I did last year.

It’s worth reading and spending the $249.

Please be safe and responsible when drinking

Kath x

I had a bit of a scare a few months ago; I was at a dinner party having a great time. We were drinking and eating as you do and I was being rather careful with my alcohol intake as I was driving. Well that’s what I thought.

It was time to go home so I grabbed my keys to leave until my girlfriend asked how much I had to drink. Pretty sure I only had 4 glasses maybe 5 over a 5 hour period. I didn’t think it was that much.

Suzi (my girlfriend) had a mobile breathalyser which she set up in a matter of minutes via an app on her smartphone, I blew a reading of .09 that’s almost double the legal limit.

It still freaks me out that I was going to get behind the wheel. Not only would I be screwed if I lost my licence, god knows how I would pick up all my parcels (online shopping) on a daily basis from the post office I could of hurt myself or even worse someone else.

So you can guess what my next online purchase was, yep an AlcoLimit BACtrack it’s the best $249 I have ever spent. I truly believe everyone should have an AlcoLimit BACtrack with them at all times. I do; it’s in my glove box or handbag.

I need to stress this is not a gadget, it is a professional quality breathalyser providing an accurate alcohol reading.

The AlcoLimit BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyser is the latest innovation in breath alcohol detection technology for the general public’s use and seamlessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. The consumer’s %BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is displayed on the phone via the free app. available in Google Play and the App Store. Consumers are then provided with tools to analyse their %BAC readings over the course of the night or several weeks. Zeroline guestimates how long it will take the consumers %BAC to reach zero and be safe to drive. Consumers can then upload their results to social media via Facebook and Twitter. They can tag each drink they consume, take photos to upload with their results and add messages.

It really is simple to use and I cannot recommend it enough. This product has been tried and tested by me.

The AlcoLimit BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyser retails for $249 in major consumer electronics stores and other retail outlets and is available online at www.bactrack.com.au

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