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Gifts for him

written by Kathy Sheeran December 5, 2016

I don’t know about you but I find the male species a tricky one to buy for.

Here are a couple of fun ideas.




Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass Set With Wooden Serving Tray $171.99

4 shot glasses and 1 SALT SERVING tray. This beautiful set is an elegant work of art, and is sure to be a conversation starter and decorative accent for your home. Carved from naturally beautiful Himalayan pink crystal salt. The rich taste of Himalayan crystal salt enhances the flavour of your favourite tequila. The shot glasses require minimal maintenance, as they have a naturally anti-bacterial surface.



Electric Pizza Oven $129

I have one of these Pizza Ovens and we love it. Simple quick delicious pizzas in minutes.

I actually bought one for my dad for xmas, hope he doesn’t read this post.



The smoking gun $99

The Smoking Gun allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smoky flavours like applewood and hickory without adding any heat. You can even use it before or after cooking for quick and easy results. Simply load the Smoking Gun with wood chips, light and blow smoke into a covered container of any kind. Get ready to enjoy smokehouse flavours.



I do find the male species a bit difficult to buy for so this website is a bit of a go to for me.

Cover grooming, man cave, foodies, novelties, and home and lifestyle

Route 66 fuel bowser table lamp $49.95 perfect for the man cave

Pocket Poker for only $19.95

contains a set of playing cards, 108 magnetic chips and a storage tin which also doubles as the pot. Playing the gentleman’s card game on the go has never been so easy or so enjoyable


For the traveller, Roam is the place to buy the perfect gift,

If you’re unsure what to buy you could always buy a gift card.

from pocket towels to Bear Grylls survival kit, pegless clothes line to luggage.

Some really great stuff for every traveller, especially for those who like to camp to make that trip a bit more comfortable.



Isn’t just for men but I found they have some great things for the BBQ.

Wood chip smoker box $24.95

Stainless steel bbq sausage roller $29.95

Bbq branding iron $24.95


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