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are aussies lazy gift givers?

written by Kathy Sheeran November 25, 2016

I LOVE stats almost as much as shopping and here’s some that might knock your socks off.

Apparently we are a nation of lazy gift givers, check out this new research that found we have lost the magic of Christmas, with a quarter of us not being able to remember a single gift from last year.

  • Four million Aussies consider themselves to be slothful gift-givers
  • Four in five lazy gift givers admit to buying the same items each year
  • Two thirds of Australians (66%) say they received two or fewer unique gifts last Christmas while one in four (23%) claim they did not receive a single memorable gift at all
  • The most uninspired gifts for 2016 are socks and jocks (59%), soaps (41%), ties (39%), photos (35%) and candles (35%)
  • Approximately one third of Australians (31%) justify their uninspired approach to gifting by claiming Christmas presents tend to be hit and miss, so they prefer to buy gifts they know will be well received even if they risk being predictable.

To help us out PayPal launched Shop Off The Beaten Path; an online portal to connect you with more than 100 Australian businesses offering a range of unique, bespoke & memorable gifts.

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