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A blast from the past – best & less

written by Kathy Sheeran March 7, 2017

Talk about a blast from the past; that’s what I thought when I received an email telling me all about what Best & Less are up to.

God, I remember as a kid going into Best & Less with mum on a regular basis.

How long have they been around for, must be forever? I checked it out and they are older than me, just. Their doors first opened in 1965.

To be honest I can’t remember the last time I actually went into one of their stores but after the email I got a bit excited and had to check it out for myself. Today I went to Warringah Mall which by the way is lookin’ pretty good after all the renos to see it with my own eyes.  As you know unless I’ve checked it out or tried it for myself I can’t rave to you about how wonderful something is.

So, here’s the news & my opinion.

Best & Less the family clothing store has set out to reclaim its namesake with reduced prices on thousands of products and they are that confident that they are not compromising on quality by reducing their prices they are offering a 100-day money back quality guarantee across their entire range as well as to ensure ethical production of each product.

 “Quality is something we always pride ourselves on, and we aren’t willing to budge on this, so we’ve found a way to offer our customers the best quality, at the best prices in market. We’ve always stood behind our products, and now we guarantee them. That’s why we’re called Best & Less”, said Orrock.

Yep, Mr Orrock that sure is backing yourself.

The campaign launched on Monday in all 195 stores across the country and online with kids tees $3 and  organic cotton Tees for men and women starting from $5 – $8 (not a typo).

I love my Tees especially white and I don’t care how good of a clothes washer you are, white tees always discolour &  I’m a magnet for stains.

Every Summer and Winter I buy a whole heap of new short sleeve and long sleeve tees. I could spend any where from $30 – $100 for a basic tee, ridiculous right? I only buy cotton.

When I looked on the B & L website and spotted cotton organic Tees for $5 in both v and round neck I had to make the trip to the mall to see for myself. I’ve always said there is a difference between affordable and cheap and nasty and these tees tick the box.

I loved them, I bought a few, both black and white, I didn’t have a lot of time so I need to go back there were a few things that caught my eye but I did manage to buy my nephew 2 cotton playsuits for $8 ($5.50 ea or 2 for $8). They are so cute.


100 day guarantee

I’m giving 100% guarantee that you will love them.

Good job Best & Less, think I will be a regular.

Happing shopping

Kath x







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