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I remember as a kid Mum & Dad working really hard. Dad had a couple of jobs and mum looked after my sister and I (my brother wasn’t born yet) while working part-time from home packing product all while making sure we were all looked after.

It’s the small things you remember; Friday nights were family nights, they were such a treat. Dad would come from work with a bag of freckles and cobbers and mum would make popcorn or banana fritters and we would all sit down and watch movies. I loved it.

Mum always put us first, we never did without, well it never seemed like it. Marina and I were always dressed extremely well , Mum took real pride in that. What we didn’t realise as kids, is that Mum did go without so we didn’t.

As soon as I started working at the age of 14 I made sure I pampered Mum on her birthday and Mother’s Day.

To this day Mum still doesn’t spend a lot on herself when it comes to beauty and pampering  so I make sure I buy Mum products so she can have a little pamper at home.

Mums are the best.

Here are some of my top beauty and pampering products for all budgets.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mum’s out there.


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